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Visual Communication: Videos

Using visual communication in scholarly work.

Planning a Project

Planning outline for video project: brainstorm ideas, write your script, storyboard script, decide on equipment and software, choose locations, film and record audio, copyrights and credits, post production, share!

Get Help!

If you need help with using technology, please contact
Candace Wentz,


Todd Sheene, in the CTL.

Creating a Digital Story


Video on storyboarding

Where to Find Music & Sound Effects

"The vast majority of music that you're familiar with is subject to copyright. Artists want to protect their music and be sure that they're getting paid whenever it gets used. And rightfully so! They put in a lot of hard work to create some of your favorite songs."

- Free Music for Podcasts

Video Presentation Tips

  • Light should be evenly distributed and not too dark or too bright.
  • The background of your shot should not be more interesting than you are nor should it be distracting.
  • Animals, family members, roommates, etc... should be kept out while your record your presentation (unless they are helping).
  • Phones should be turned off.
  • Dress neatly.
  • If possible, put any notes you need to read from on the screen in front of you. This helps to avoid staring down at pages when you should be looking at your audience.

Where to Host Video