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A guide for EGR Students


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► This general research guide serves as a starting point for students enrolled in Engineering or EGR classes. It is not intended to be comprehensive, but contains information on selected resources in the Centre College Library, as well as links to materials that are available elsewhere. The guide provides information on both print and electronic resources.

► Use the tabs on the side of the page for navigation to find help in locating books, reference materials, journal articles, and more.

► If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, please contact a reference librarian.


Engineering Defined:

The study of the design, construction, and operation of mechanical, electrical, and chemical systems, processes, and devices. Derived from the Latin ingenium meaning ‘invention’, the engineering disciplines that we know today originated from military engineering that involved machines of war. Civil engineering was therefore the first engineering discipline to be identified for the design of structures such as bridges, buildings, and roads for civilian and non-military purposes. The establishment of mechanical engineering was also to follow in the early nineteenth century. The discipline of chemical engineering was developed during the Industrial Revolution through the development of industrial-scale chemical plants outside of the realms of applied chemistry. A person who practises engineering is known as an engineer. An engineer applies the laws of physics and mathematics to solve problems, leading to improvement in the wellbeing of society, while using available resources responsibly, safely, and ethically, and without harm or damage to the environment.

-From Oxford Reference Online

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