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Arts and Markets: Economic Histories of the Arts: Catalogue Raisonne' and Newspaper Accounts of an Artist/Art Works

Production, reception and the distribution and sale of art have historically influenced the aesthetics and creation of art. This guide will focus on finding and using materials for research in the area of the economic history of art.

Catalogue Raisonne'

The first place to start when researching an artist or individual work, especially when tracing the owners of art works and the number of times a work of art has changed hands.  All of  the works of an artist in a single book in which a scholar or a group of scholars has documented every work of an artist's career.  Each work is pictured, with scholarly opinions, provenance (where the work has been), literature about the work, and sales information (when known and available).  Worldcat is an excellent place to search for an artist's Catalogue Raisonne'.

Find Newspaper Articles

Use a newspaper to find local, regional or national current events, entertainment, editorials, and reviews. Historical newspapers can provide unique eye witness accounts of events. For assistance in using these resources, or to find additional information, contact a Reference Librarian.